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  • Author14 April 2015
    24 hours in a day is all we get to take care of our children, relatives, pets, maintain a home, exercise, go to school or work, shop, clean spend time...
  • Sharon N’Diaye14 April 2015
    We are two months into 2015. Does 2015 seem frightfully futuristic to anyone else? Ah well, onto more pressing issues! As I wrote in my January artic...
  • Susan Chasen14 April 2015
    Whether you want to lose weight or boost your overall health, change is challenging and new habits are hard to form. The Standard American Diet (SAD) ...
  • Vicki Jimpson-Fludd14 April 2015
    Part II: Search and Selection (Part II of a three-part series)   Although emotionally-rewarding, finding your new home can be one of life’s most st...
  • Catherine Anesi23 March 2015
    If you are living in the Northeast of The United States then you have been experiencing some very cold, and snowy weather. There have been many days w...
  • Adam McCauley23 March 2015
    Children spending time on the computer, playing video games, or texting friends on a cell phone are not bad habits by themselves, but once a parent ca...
  • Phyllis Kirigin27 January 2015
    Yes!  It’s high time overlooked and under-appreciated yams and other root vegetables asserted themselves.  They’re not only full of health benefits, b...

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